Michael Mulgrew's Welcome to the UFT Saturday Academy


The UFT's free three-part enrichment classes were held over the first three Saturdays in December. These classes for students of all ages, were developed and presented by the UFT Teacher Center and provided fun and engaging virtual activities that supplemented what students were learning during the week.

Let's take a look below at each grade band session 👇

PRE-K: A Winter Wonderland Wonderful Me!

In this 3-part series children embarked on a journey through an engaging Winter Wonderland. During session one, students discovered their unique selves as they sang, played, danced and more in this delightful enrichment opportunity. This session promoted language development and confidence, and helped preschoolers recognize that everyone is different but special in their own way. Let’s build our children’s self-esteem through experiences that have them reflect upon what makes them exceptional!

Day 1-Wonderful Me!

K-1: How Do You Celebrate?

In these sessions, children experienced celebrations and traditions from around the world through art, music, literature and movement. Children shared how they celebrate with their families, drew self-portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo, toured New York City virtually and rode the Cyclone in Coney Island, visited the puffins at the Bronx Zoo and drew pictures of them, danced with the Rockettes and so much more!

2-3: Celebrations around the world.

In this interactive session, students explored three themes for celebrations and how they are celebrated in different countries around the world: Giving thanks, Winter celebrations and New Years celebrations. Children had the opportunity to virtually travel to different countries to experience their traditions through stories, art, and music, learning how and comparing different cultures celebrated these themes.

2-3 Resource Website

4-5: Above Us: An epic journey to escape a hostile planet.

Sabotage! Our spaceship has crash-landed on an alien planet. Children used problem solving skills and creativity to complete the tasks necessary to make an escape. On our journey, they learned to maintain a healthy mind and body as they navigated the hostile environment and utilized art to communicate with an alien culture. Along the way they found time to celebrate as they worked to return to the spaceship above us.

6-8: Too much drama!

Love to act? Do you miss live theatre? Do you want to try something new and exciting? In this three week, “Too Much Drama” series children connected, explored and shared how to use their voice, body and music in a virtual theatre space. All sessions were full of drama!

How we Communicated with the Aliens-Website-circle-720p.mp4

9-12: Imagine that!

Students had the opportunity to discover their personal interests while engaging in activities geared towards exploring different careers that are high in demand. Students were also given the opportunity to experience a day in the life of their chosen field and reflect on current activities that could potentially support them in their endeavors.