PS 157, located in District 7 in the Bronx, UFT Teacher Center site coaches Virginia Niles and Emmeline Roopchand work in collaboration with colleagues to engage in learning experiences to support student growth and achievement. Educators meet in Professional Learning Communities to plan instruction and provide one-on-one coaching sessions. All staff are offered professional learning opportunities for which they can earn CTLE hours.

Study groups are conducted in which educators read a common text around current research in education. Last year, groups met weekly for discussion and to analyze data after piloting new mathematical and ENL strategies in classrooms.

Although the 2020-2021 school year looks different, the collaboration continues, as evidenced during a September socially-distanced planning session.

At PS 30, in District 7 in the Bronx, UFT Teacher Center coach Rosa Veras offers various opportunities for educators to collaborate and learn alongside each other. Educators engage in book studies aligned to the school’s instructional foci of writing and math using texts such as Teaching Advanced Literacy Skills by Nonie LeSeaux and the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussion by Margaret Schwan Smith and Mary Kay Stein.

"The UFT Teacher Center has been a tremendous help for me. From all the great resources Ms. Veras provides to being able to come in early in the mornings to get ready for the school day. The Center is readily available for teachers to use. I am able to print my daily lesson plans, check out guided reading books, and much more. Thank you Ms. Veras for making the UFT Teacher Center welcoming for all teachers".

~Ms. D. Gomez Teacher, PS 30

At Community School PS 18, located in District 7 in the Bronx, UFT Teacher Center Site Coach, Sophy Aponte, supports elementary teachers in meeting the needs of diverse learners in all content areas. On-site professional learning sessions are created and offered to the members of the school community for CTLE hours.

A Google Site designed by Ms. Aponte supports the school community with the rollout of the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS). Through the website, educators access to the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards and documents provided. Images of staff educators collaborating and engaging in protocols to process the shifts in the standards are captured and posted on the site. The site has been a resource in building awareness and capacity towards implementation of the NGLS.

Testimonial from Ms. Zoila Cordova, Art Teacher, PS 18